Our story

Since 1954, our vision has been to produce planners, notebooks and other items that reinstate a sense of order in day-to-day life and connect each and every passing day to create the world of tomorrow.

Discover the story of our wonderful French company, from its beginnings to the present day.

  1. do

    Editions Quo Vadis is born

    Quo Vadis was founded in Marseille in 1954, when Dr Francis Georges Beltrami came up with his own personal way of structuring his time, a unique concept that gave him an overview of his week’s appointments at a glance. From a simple ink pad the Agenda Planing® was born: a tool that allowed him to view his entire week at a glance, and a concept that was to change his life forever. Soon after, he closed his practice, patented his design and set up the Editions Quo Vadis publishing house in Marseille.

  2. creation-agenda-planing-1955-quo-vadis

    The Ministre, Président and Affaires planners are launched

    The Ministre planner was the first in a long line of diaries, and gave way to the larger Agenda Planing®. In 1955, this format was available as the

    Président planner (21 x 27cm), followed by the Affaires planner (pocket-sized: 10 x 15 cm) in 1960.

  3. prix-honneur-quo-vadis-consécration


    The Quo Vadis planner was short-listed at the Musée du Louvre’s ‘Arts et Industries’ exhibition, and ultimately awarded the honorary prize that marked it out as one of the leading products of the 21st century.

  4. lancement-eurotextagenda-quo-vadis

    The Textagenda is born

    Over the years, Quo Vadis expanded and experienced one thrilling development after the next. In 1964, the brand launched the Textagenda®, a page-a-day planner originally designed for self-employed professionals, which quickly became an iconic choice for students and school children. It has been a firm favourite with students of all ages ever since!

  5. ouverture-international-quo-vadis-papeterie

    Worldwide success

    In 1966, the company took its first steps into the wider world. The famous Agenda Planing® was made available in English, German, Italian and Spanish and sold around the world. That same year, Quo Vadis produced corporate gifts for companies, and the first planners for Coca-Cola were made.


  6. adresse-consommateur-client-quo-vadis

    France's first consumer address

    Quo Vadis was the first French company to provide consumers with an address for contacting head office.

  7. installation-quo-vadis-carquefou-nantes-france

    Setting up our workshops in Carquefou

    When our premises in Marseilles became too small, Doctor Beltrami wrote to several cities, including Brest and Carquefou, to find a prime location for the construction and headquarters of our company. Carquefou was chosen for its proximity to Paris and its attractiveness.

  8. collaboration

    Collaborating with an Adapted Company

    In order to help each of our talented employees towards professional fulfilment, we chose to work with an Adapted Company to sort and check the components of our planners. They are namely in charge of wrapping, covering and packaging the planners.

    Since 2006, the company has been directly integrated into our workshops.

  9. 1999-jerome-nusse-pdg-quo-vadis

    Quo Vadis joins the Exacompta-Clairefontaine group

    The company joined the famous stationery group Exacompta-Clairefontaine in 1999, with Jérôme Nusse appointed director of Quo Vadis.

  10. collections-rentree-classes-scolaire-quo-vadis

    Our first stationery and leather goods for the new school year

    Already well established on both the personal and professional markets, we decided to develop new ranges for younger customers using iconic licences with brands such as BEN (French artist Benjamin Vautier).

  11. deve

    Reinforcing sustainable development

    In 2007, we set out to secure the best certifications for our products (Imprim’vert, PEFC, FSC and ISO 14001) in order to offer our customers the most environmentally friendly products.
    In 2009, we unveiled our Equology© range, an eco-designed collection made from 100% recycled PEFC paper with Blue Angel certification.

    To continue this process, we also acquired the ‘Origine France Garantie’ (Guaranteed French Origin) certification. It is at the heart of our workshops, located just a few miles from Nantes, that our certified planners and notebooks are designed, manufactured and shipped.

    See the company’s CSR policy


  12. equalite-homme-femmes-quo-vadis-comite-pilotage

    Gender equality within the steering committee

    Gender equality in the workplace means ensuring that all the members of our teams can thrive and evolve at Quo Vadis in a fair manner. We are pleased to have received a gender equality index rating of 99/100.

  13. agenda-carnet-sur-mesure-quo-vadis

    The launch of the Quo Vadis Factory: the bespoke personalised planner and notebook website

    Driven by a love of paper, we wanted to use our expertise in stationery to allow each of our customers to create their own personalised planner and notebook according to their personal or professional needs on our Quo Vadis Factory website.

  14. index-egualite-homme-femme-quo-vadis

    98/100 gender equality index

    Gender equality in the workplace means ensuring that all the members of our teams can thrive and evolve at Quo Vadis in a fair manner. We are pleased to have received a gender equality index rating of 98/100.