Our CSR policy

At Quo Vadis, we advocate for a world that is more respectful of people, the planet and the environment with a common objective: to design and create the planners of tomorrow.
You can read up on all our CSR commitments, certifications, best practices and objectives here.


Our 2022 CSR report

We are dedicated to greater transparency and to sharing our CSR policy with our customers in order to put our current initiatives, areas for improvement, future projects and objectives into words. We are also committed to having a more positive impact on our wonderful French company and on the world as much as we possibly can.

We chose local and responsible manufacturing in Nantes for the benefit of all our employees and our region. We carefully select our raw materials and our partners, ensuring that they share our vision and commitment to offering you quality products made from sustainable and responsible raw materials.

Read our CSR report

Quo Vadis’ commitments :


Made in France

For the last 70 years, we have been producing the original made-in-France planner!
We are proud to manufacture 8.2 million planners and notebooks, just a few miles from Nantes.
Since 2013, our planners have benefitted from ‘Origine France Garantie’ certification. And since 2015, 100% of Quo Vadis’ paper has been PEFC- or FSC-certified, with all our planners, calendars, notebooks and directories enjoying ‘Origine France Garantie’ certification.


More responsible manufacturing

We are dedicated to carefully selecting our raw materials and to developing partnerships with responsible companies.
They share our vision and commitment to offering you quality products and to increasing the proportion of recycled raw materials used.


Limiting our impact on the environment

Every day, our teams strive to limit our impact by recycling and reusing our waste, managing our energy consumption, installing electric-vehicle charge points, etc.
To achieve this, we work hand-in-hand with approved service providers to rethink and reduce our impact.


Putting people at the heart of our business

At Quo Vadis, our mission is to pass on our know-how to new talents, promote gender equality and the well-being of our employees, and support initiatives in favour of people suffering from exclusion.


Contributing to the economic and social development of our region

We are proud to be located just a few miles from Nantes, and have chosen to invest in local employment opportunities.
We work with local recruitment agencies, secure partnerships with artists/creators from Nantes and forge bonds with younger generations (such as our ‘Déclic Métiers’ programme for students). We also support people with disabilities (Adapted Companies) and take part in regional events (Regional Company Visit Days).


Guaranteeing more responsible governance and practices

In order to safeguard our practices and foster loyalty, we have developed a code of conduct, implemented a whistle-blowing system and designed a training programme with the aim of raising awareness and teaching employees about good business practices and suitable workplace behaviour.


Adopting good habits and best practices

Our teams are trained in best practices (recycling and sorting) in the context of their jobs.

In parallel, we encourage our customers to return their used products to dedicated collection points for recycling.

Our certifications :


Imprim’vert-certified since 2007

The Imprim’vert® brand certifies that products are printed according to a procedure that limits their environmental impact.


ISO 14001-certified since 2007

ISO 14001 certification ensures that a company’s environmental management complies with the requirements of the international standard, namely applicable environmental regulations and a commitment to pollution prevention and to continuous improvement.


PEFC-certified since 2007 and FSC-certified since 2011

The PEFC and FSC forest certifications, proving that products come from sustainably managed forests (PEFC) / responsible sources (FSC), are at the heart of the marketing strategy implemented by the Exacompta Clairefontaine group:
34 production/processing sites/sales agencies are FSC- and/or PEFC-certified.


Certified as ‘Origine France Garantie’ since 2013 for planners and since 2015 for all calendars, notebooks and directories.

The ‘Origine France Garantie’ label was created in 2011 to give customers clear information about product origin and to allow certified companies to promote their production processes.