Key figures


Three markets:

  • Schools
  • Adults
  • Companies

15 languages

Available in 15 languages (including Japanese, Czech, Catalan, Russian and Polish)

150 different designs

including 80 planners translated into different languages

€50m in sales

€50m in sales


210 employees

Our employees work every day to design the ideal product for each and every customer, combining industrial and traditional expertise.


8 million covers

8 million covers made from 800,000 m² of raw materials – the equivalent of over 110 football pitches!


2,300 tonnes of paper and cardboard used

2,300 tonnes of paper and cardboard used every year to make our planners – weighing the same as around 800 elephants!


around 90% of our waste (1,016 tonnes) is recycled

Every year, around 90% of our waste (1,016 tonnes) is recycled – equivalent to 24 A320 planes!


10,000 points of sale

10,000 points of sale around the world – retailing in over 60 countries

Quo vadis: what does it mean?
Quo vadis means “where are you going?” in Latin, and seemed like a natural choice for a company whose goal is to allow individuals to map out a clear vision of their future on paper.