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This cookie policy applies to websites published by Editions Quo Vadis, a French Simplified Public Limited Company, with a share capital of €4,671,000, registered with the Trade and Companies Register of Nantes under number 054 807 748 with a registered office located 14, rue du Nouveau Bêle 44470 Carquefou, France, namely the following sites:

  • Quo Vadis Corporate Website accessible via the URL a site which presents Editions Quo Vadis and its activities, products, sites, blogs and mobile applications.
  • Quo Vadis Store accessible via the URL Quo Vadis online store
  • Quo Vadis Factory accessible via the URL offers an online selection of customised planners and other customised stationery products.
  • Quo Vadis Easy, accessible via the URL sales site enabling the Customer to order personalised stationery products, within the limit of the minimum and maximum quantities provided for in the offer

Hereinafter referred to as the "Sites".

This cookie policy applies to all site users, in other words any Internet user browsing one or more of the Sites. Any minor or protected adult using the Sites is confirming that they have received the consent of their parent or guardian to do so.

Hereinafter referred to as the "User".


The User is informed that, in order to improve performance in terms of satisfying the needs of their customers, the Sites use cookies. EDITIONS QUO VADIS obtains the User's consent to the use of these cookies when necessary.


The cookies used on the Sites are as follows:

  • Authentication cookies: these cookies allow the User to automatically reconnect if they leave the Site and return within a short period of time;
  • Shopping basket cookies in online stores: these cookies save the contents of the User's basket and allows the items to be charged to the customer when they make a purchase;
  • Language preference cookies: these cookies identify the language of the User’s browser in order to offer the Site directly in their language of use;
  • Performance cookies: these cookies optimise the loading of the Sites;
  • Contact cookies: these cookies have the sole objective of enabling the User to easily contact EDITIONS QUO VADIS.


By disabling these cookies, the User is likely to encounter browsing problems while placing their order.

Third party cookies

EDITIONS QUO VADIS uses third-party service companies for the general security of its Sites as well as for statistical purposes.

General security tool: EDITIONS QUO VADIS uses the reCAPTCHA V3 service on its Sites to protect the form entries. This tool from Google helps differentiate human users from potential malicious robots. Use of this feature is subject to Google’s privacy rules and terms of use. The operation of this tool is based on the collection of hardware and software information such as data on devices. Google deposits cookies that are used to collect Users’ IP addresses. This data is sent to Google for analysis. The information collected is used by Google to improve the reCAPTCHA functionality as well as for general security purposes. Google has pledged not to use it to offer personalised advertising. By ticking the box provided for this purpose, the User accepts the collection and sharing of this data with Google.

Tool for statistical purposes: Google Analytics is responsible for monitoring and analysing the anonymous information of the Site User. This anonymous information does not enable Users to be identified.

Google Analytics may use cookies to establish statistics on the frequency of visits and use of the various elements comprising the Sites (sections and content viewed, routes). This information is used to improve the interest and ergonomics of EDITIONS QUO VADIS services and to address performance problems. This cookie policy does not cover the use of cookies by third party tracking service companies. EDITIONS QUO VADIS does not have access or control over these cookies. However, it ensures that the partner companies agree to process the information collected on the Sites in strict compliance with the regulations in force on data privacy, and undertakes to implement adequate measures to secure and safeguard data privacy.

If the User does not wish for information to be collected via cookies, they must refuse them. Most browsers offer a simple procedure for refusing the use of cookies.

If the User wishes to remove the Google Analytics cookie, they can refer to Google's privacy page and follow the instructions provided there:


Several options are available to the User for managing cookies. Any settings they may change will be likely to modify the way they browse on the Internet and their conditions of access to certain services requiring the use of cookies.


The User can choose to indicate and change their cookie preferences at any time. For cookie management, the configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the help menu of the User’s browser which will allow them to learn how to change their cookie preferences.

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