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11 am

Catalina Estrada

Catalina Estrada is a Colombian illustrator, now based in Barcelona, who reinterprets Latin American folklore and draws inspiration from nature to create colourful and joyful patterns.

Animals and plants are her primary sources of inspiration, which she uses to create her own universe based on the simplicity of beautiful colours.

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12 am

Docteur Paper

Docteur Paper is a French artist based in Nantes, who combines spontaneity and precision with an unrivalled level of detail in his freehand drawings.

His most famous project is Travel With Me®, inspired by the collection he created with Quo Vadis, in which he invites us to travel and deciphers the cities he visited while paying tribute to them.

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2 pm


Magali Fournier, a children’s book illustrator whose colourful worlds are full of grace, published her first book with Éditions Milan in 2005. Since then, she has worked with several publishers, including Magnard Jeunesse, which published the first volume of the Princesse Sumo series.

Alongside her book projects, Magali Fournier also works on various decor, leather and stationery projects and collaborations, which she graces with her colourful world.

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3 pm

Papier Tigre

Papier Tigre is a contemporary Parisian stationery company established in 2012 that designs high-quality stationery and decor accessories in original colourful styles and patterns.

We have been working with Papier Tigre since 2016 to bring you a collection of creative stationery and planners that offer new contemporary and colourful designs with each collection.

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5 pm


Team Vitality is an esports club founded in August 2013 with some of the best international gamers. It is involved across 10 games and has won hundreds of competitions, making it the leading French esports club.

Supported by prestigious partners, the club stands out for its competitive prowess, both on and off the battlefield, as well as for its mindset, values and victories.

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6 pm


Known simply as ‘Ben’ since the 1960s, Benjamin Vautier is a famous avant-garde artist renowned for his black-and-white handwritten art.

Ben helps you get organised on a day-to-day basis with a collaborative collection of planners, notebooks, pencil cases, bags and stationery.

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