Our commitment to the environment

Quo Vadis is committed to protecting the environment, is pro-actively working for change. The company’s sustainable development policy has been an integral part of its strategy for many years now, and Quo Vadis does everything in its power to offer customers responsible, sustainable products while upholding transparency in its practices via its environmental charter.


QUO VADIS' promises :


1. Manufacturing in France:

In 2013, Quo Vadis was awarded Origine France Garantie certification, the only label designed to certify quality French-made products.


2. Working with suppliers with an environmental conscience:

Our suppliers are required to comply with the European Union’s REACH regulations designed to protect human health and the environment from the risks posed by chemicals. Quo Vadis suppliers undertake to comply with the company’s environmental and social goals.


3. Being awarded certification that is recognised on the market:

  • an Imprim’ Vert® brand: the company implements concrete action to reduce its business’s impact on the environment. Quo Vadis handles all hazardous waste management and storage, prohibits the use of toxic products and monitors its energy consumption closely.
  • PEFCTM and FSC®: Quo Vadis uses paper from sustainably- and responsibly-managed forests. The company is PEFCTM- and FSC®-certified, thus guaranteeing its paper is fully traceable.
  • ISO 14001: the company’s environmental management policy complies with the environmental regulations in force, in addition to pollution prevention and continuous improvement policies.

4. Working with eco-friendly raw materials:

Quo Vadis launched Equology by Quo Vadis, a range of planners that uses 100% PEFCTM recycled and Ange Bleu-certified paper, 100% vegetable-based inks and phthalate-free covers. The result is planners made from over 80% recycled materials.


5. Forging responsible partnerships:

Quo Vadis supports humanitarian and educational associations by providing them with school supplies and planners.


6. Optimising transportation processes:

Quo Vadis limits transport-related energy consumption and CO2 emissions because almost all of its products are made within Europe, at its factory in France’s Loire-Atlantique region.


7. Sticking to good habits and best practices:

Optimised waste management, waste recycling targets (set at a minimum of 90%) and cutting back on energy consumption.

Our certifications :