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At Quo Vadis, time management on paper has been our core business for many years. Today, being organised also involves digital media as well as the paper-based approach. Both formats are mutually beneficial in many ways! That’s why we launched the Quo Vadis app in 2018.

Application numérique Quo Vadis

The Quo Vadis app is...

The perfect tool for iPhone, adopting the style of our paper diaries. Rediscover the convenience of a paper diary with Top Priorities, Macro-Planning and Week Planorizon®. All this, plus features that only digital technology can offer: workload indicators, meeting planner, reminders, etc.



To simplify the app, we are changing our subscription offers!

You now have two options:

Our existing subscription, the (free) mini subscription: access to the four standard Quo Vadis views: Day, Day by Day, Month and Planorizon.
Optimum subscription (€7.99 incl. VAT): access to all app views and to Quo Vadis themed calendars. The subscription includes a free three-month trial.

If you are already subscribed to our app and wondering how these changes will affect your existing subscription, read on for more details:

You have a Mini subscription : This subscription will not change.

You have an Essential subscription : Your subscription has been improved to give you access, from today, to the features of the Optimum subscription. The price of your subscription will only change when it is up for renewal.
Shortly before the renewal date of your subscription, Apple will send you an email to notify you that the price of your subscription with access to all the features of the app is changing, and to ask if you would like to renew your subscription.
-If you confirm the renewal, the price will become €7.99 on the renewal date of your subscription.
-If you do not confirm the renewal, your subscription will not be renewed past your subscription renewal date.
Please note: if your subscription renewal date is between 23 June and 3 July 2020 (which is 10 days after the implementation of our new subscriptions), your subscription will be renewed at its current price for an additional year.

You have an Optimum subscription : Good news! The price of your subscription is going down. When it is time to renew your subscription, the price will be €7.99. You will have access to the same features except for the themed calendars, which have been streamlined.

You were in a trial period ? You will be redirected to the Mini subscription, our free offer. If this subscription does not meet your needs, please use the customisation assistant to identify the views that suit you and the corresponding subscription.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Custom organisation

Available in FrenchItalian and English, Quo Vadis is the first app to focus on what is most precious: saving your time.

Adapted to your individual rhythms, the app optimises your days and makes life easier.

L'application d'agenda Quo Vadis

A customisation assistant asks you questions (Are you relaxed or overbooked? Is your priority to optimise your time or have a long-term overview?) in order to advise you on the different diary views to meet your needs, which you can then set as favourites.


Diary views you can consult any time, as and when needed:


Day, Day by Day, Week Planorizon®, Week Schedule, Macro Schedule, Month, Month at a Glance: View, prioritise and plan your upcoming events quickly and clearly.

Want to highlight something essential? Create a primary or secondary Top Priority. Want to invite a colleague to a meeting? Send them an invitation. Worried you might forget about an event? Set reminders.

Discover the Quo Vadis app


Day and Week dashboard: Take control of your days and weeks by understanding your workload levels and managing the allocation of your time.

Discover the Quo Vadis app


A task manager in the form of a to-do list: What could be better to ensure nothing gets forgotten?

Create the tasks you need to perform, set deadlines and reminders, and rank them by priority.

Discover the Quo Vadis app

A themed calendar store for customising your planner in line with your interests: religious holidays, bank holidays, school holidays etc.

Discover the Quo Vadis app

Any questions about the app?

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