Planners are the staple of Quo Vadis, the time management expert! With a presence across all specialist distribution channels, over time Quo Vadis has become a leading name in the premium stationery sector, offering a host of highly varied collections to meet even the most specific of needs.


September 2020
to 2021 planners

For years, Quo Vadis has been helping thousands of schoolchildren and students get ready for the new school year.

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2021 planners

The inventor of the week-at-a-glance Agenda Planning® planner, Quo Vadis helps you organise your personal and professional appointments in dozens of different ways, from the more traditional to the more creative. Our planners are made with white or ivory Clairefontaine paper for incomparable smoothness.


Bespoke planners online

For over 60 years, Quo Vadis has been fostering emotional ties with all stationery lovers. We had a vision of taking things even further by creating a website that enables you to design your very own planner. The Quo Vadis Factory website launched in 2018, and is an online tool that lets you design your very own paper planner. Your bespoke planner is then made to order in our workshop in Carquefou, and delivered to your door just a few days later. The Quo Vadis Factory enables you pick your planner’s start date, choose your preferred format, cover and schedule structure, and add your personal and professional events.